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July 13, 2018

America’s indictment of Russian hackers underlines the cyber risks facing US politics

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s charges against 12 members of Russia’s GRU military intelligence agency accused of hacking related to the 2016 US presidential election are a stark reminder of the ways in which technology can be used to disrupt democratic… Read more

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  • Chip Somodevilla | Getty

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Russian agents allegedly used Bitcoin to fund the DNC hack

Among the many new details in today’s indictment (PDF) of 12 Russian intelligence officers for cyberattacks meant to interfere with the US presidential election in 2016, one in particular should stand out to techies: the defendants allegedly used Bitcoin… Read more

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  • Chip Somodevilla | Getty

Editor's Pick

Maybe we can afford to suck CO2 out of the sky after all

While avoiding the worst dangers of climate change will likely require sucking carbon dioxide out of the sky, prominent scientists have long dismissed such technologies as far too expensive.

But a detailed new analysis published today in the journal Joule...

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July 12, 2018

Uber is right to rethink its self-driving operations

Uber is reportedly laying off its driverless-cars operators in Pittsburgh, the city at the center of its self-driving project. About 100 people will be laid off and replaced by 55 “mission specialists” trained to offer more technical feedback to vehicle… Read more

Overwatch League competition

ESPN is going to air the first e-sports league final match ever in prime time

The Overwatch League Grand Finals will be aired on the main stage of television sports.

The news: On July 27, ESPN will be the first TV network to air a professional gaming contest in prime time. Competitors will be playing Overwatch, a cartoon first-person… Read more

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  • Overwatch League
India internet

India’s new net neutrality regime puts the US to shame

The country’s framework comes into force just as America has scrapped its own net neutrality rules.
The news: After years of debate, India has introduced regulations that forbid internet service providers serving the country’s half a billion web users… Read more

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  • Markus Spiske | Unsplash
July 11, 2018 pills

These anti-aging pills seem to be actually working

Pills hailed as the first real “anti-aging” drugs inched a little closer to the market after a study found they cut the number of respiratory infections in the elderly by half.

The drugs: The pills act on an aging-related pathway called TORC1. Inhibiting… Read more

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Editor's Pick

The world’s most powerful supercomputer is tailor made for the AI era

Since 2013, Chinese machines have occupied the number one slot in rankings of the world’s most powerful supercomputers. Now America is back on top again. Engineers at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee have just unveiled...

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July 11, 2018

Magic Leap promises to ship its headset this summer

The mysterious, massively funded mixed-reality company still won’t divulge exactly when the device will be available, but it’s more specific than its previous statement that it would be out sometime this year.

The announcement: While much of the world… Read more

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  • Magic Leap
Children in HHS custody talk on the phone

The US government claims it’s swabbing the cheeks of immigrants to match them using DNA

The Department of Health and Human Services says it’s using DNA tests to help reunite 3,000 immigrant children separated from their parents—but won’t say who is doing the tests.

The situation: The agency is under an order from a US. federal district… Read more

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  • US Department of Health and Human Services