March 26-27, 2018

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Artificial intelligence is changing every business. Don't be left behind.

It's difficult to discern facts from fiction in the rapidly shifting landscape of AI. What do you need to know to stay ahead of the competition? Get the insight and intelligence you need at EmTech Digital.

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Networking on a New Level

The networking industry is undergoing rapid change, with intent-based networking emerging as the latest in a line of innovations.

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Autonomous Vehicles: Are You Ready for the New Ride?

Automakers are joining with Google, Uber, and high-profile start-ups to harness the technological advances that will power next-generation autonomous vehicles.


Apps That Hint at a Fanciful Fake Future

A new wave of mobile AR and VR apps is here, and these are the ones you need to check out.

Rewriting Life

Farmers Seek to Deploy Powerful Gene Drive

A technology feared for its potential as a bioweapon is attracting interest from farmers as a way to control pests.

Rewriting Life

Digital Pills Track How Patients Use Opioids

Ingestible sensors could help doctors keep people from becoming addicted to prescription painkillers.


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Is 3-D Printing Finally Becoming the Manufacturing Tool It Was Hyped Up to Be? 34:20

Watch this live interactive video discussion with Greg Mark, a 3-D-printing entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Markforged.

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Intelligent Machines

Artificial intelligence and robots are transforming how we work and live.

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