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Intelligent Machines

How a College Kid Made His Honda Civic Self-Driving for $700

Who needs a Tesla when you can build your own automated copilot using free hardware designs and software available online?


Using Virtual Reality Underwater Is Weird (but Fun)

Sure, you can soar or swim in VR. Just put on a headset and jump in a pool.

Business Impact

Why Congress Can’t Seem to Fix This 30-Year-Old Law Governing Your Electronic Data

New questions about the FBI’s power to access data have shifted the years-long political debate over reform of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

The Thinking Behind the 10 Breakthrough Technologies

Here’s what we look for, and what we hope to avoid.


Business Impact

How technology advances are changing the economy and providing new opportunities in many industries.


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Sustainable Energy

Can we sustainably provide food, water, and energy to a growing population during a climate crisis?

View from the Marketplace

Emerging Trend Analysis: What is Digital Performance Management?

Organizations serious about gaining—and maintaining—competitive advantage must optimize their digital customer experience. This introduction to DPM explains how this emerging approach can provide serious business value.

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Enabling the Digital Revolution: SDN and Beyond

The promise of software-defined networking and solutions for its wider adoption were explored in depth at VMware’s inaugural future:net event.

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Alibaba Targets the Global Market with Apsara Aliware Platform

The Chinese technology giant has launched a multipurpose platform-as-a-service technology built for scale and reliability—and capable of responding rapidly to changing market and business demands.