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“I wanted to work on something that didn’t exist”

May/June 2024

First she invented ultrathin brain probes. Now Polina Anikeeva, PhD ’09, is creating tools to study the gut-brain connection.

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Gretchen Ertl


  • Polina Anikeeva, PhD ’09, followed up her ultrathin brain probes with tools to study the gut-brain connection—and now leads an MIT research center investigating neural pathways throughout the body.

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    A walking antidote to political cynicism

    Burhan Azeem ’19, the youngest person ever elected to the Cambridge City Council, is changing the city one bill at a time.

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    Raman to go

    Electrical engineer Nili Persits, PhD ’24, has developed low-cost Raman spectroscopy systems that allow instant chemical analysis.

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    Taking on climate change, Rad Lab style

    MIT is on a mission—six missions, in fact—to tackle the hardest climate problems where our efforts will have the greatest impact.

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    Competitive math

    Since 1981, MIT students have been squaring off at the annual MIT Integration Bee.

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