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Recent books from the MIT community

May/June 2024


Left for Dead: Shipwreck, Treachery, and Survival at the Edge of the World
By Eric J. Dolin, PhD ’95
LIVERIGHT, 2024, $29.99

Fighting Heart Disease Like Cancer
By Michael V. McConnell ’83, SM ’85

The Short Works of John Habraken: Ways of Seeing/Ways of Doing
Edited by Stephen H. Kendall, PhD ’90, and John R. Dale, SM ’86  
ROUTLEDGE, 2023, $99.95

Data Is Everybody’s Business: The Fundamentals of Data Monetization
By Barbara H. Wixom, principal research scientist at the MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (CISR); Cynthia M. Beath; and Leslie Owens, former executive director of MIT CISR and senior lecturer at Sloan 
MIT PRESS, 2023, $34.95

Strange and Gaudy Fruit: Toxic Theology
By Jeff Nicoll ’69, PhD ’75
WIPF AND STOCK, 2023, $49

Routledge Handbook of Energy Transitions
Edited by Kathy Araújo, PhD ’13
ROUTLEDGE, 2022, $250

Re-Understanding Entrepreneurship: What It Is and Why It Matters
By Weiying Zhang, translated by Matt Dale ’20

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