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An End to Alzheimer’s?

March 2001

Isolation of key genes at the heart of Alzheimer’s disease has set off a frenzied race to find a drug to stop this cruel affliction in its tracks.

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  • Guttenberg’s printing press needed paper to make a revolution. The clunky e-book needs e-paper. And it’s on the way.
  • High-tech tags will let manufacturers track products from warehouse to home to recycling bin. But what’s great for logistics could become a privacy nightmare.
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    Wires of Wonder

    Nobelist Smalley explains how “carbon nanotubes” will affect everything, from living cells to electrical transmission.
  • Tired of sitting on the runway? In a radical experiment that may provide a glimpse into the future of air traffic control, UPS is testing a satellite-based data communications system that could unclog the skies.
  • New digital technologies designed to ensure safer and more user-friendly flying could turn us into a nation of pilots. It’s not the Jetsons, but you’ll be able to fly yourself to a community “smartport” in an idiotproof miniplane.
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    The Five-Minute Pilot

    When an aviation expert boasted that new gear makes it possible for any 12-year-old to fly a plane, TR couldn’t resist the challenge. Our correspondent put his own son at the controls.

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