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The Human Body Shop

April 2001

Recent advances in the field of “tissue engineering” are making it possible to grow spare parts on demand for the human machine. Today, a bladder; tomorrow, a heart?

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    Your Genetic Destiny for Sale

    To find disease-causing genes, researchers want access to millions of personal medical records-maybe even yours. Is this necessary science or dubious profiteering?
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    Population Inc.

    How do you find disease-causing genes? Kari Stefansson thinks he knows the secret.
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    Helping Doctors Feel Better

    New computer simulations that re-create the sense of touch allow doctors-in-training to perform virtual procedures without risking harm to a human being’s precious skin.
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    A Bright Future for Displays

    Sharp-looking screens using organic molecules promise to supplant liquid crystal displays and revolutionize the next generation of personal computers and mobile phones. Soon, you may see streaming video in the palm of your hand.

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