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Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World

January/February 2001

Ten emerging technologies that will change the world.

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  • “I resist the idea that there is a new economy-something that is separate and distinct from some other economy.”
  • Two of technology’s deepest thinkers in a dialogue on the future of humanity.
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    Ten Passed Technologies

    New isn’t necessarily better. The attic of discarded technologies contains objects whose simplicity and elegance have never been replaced.
  • Historical analysis from 2020 explains how computers emerged-and then disappeared.
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    Computing Goes Everywhere

    The dream of “ubiquitous computing” has been around for a while. Now it’s serious enough that a company like IBM is willing to throw $500 million at it.
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    Nanotech Goes to Work

    Nanoscale machinery could deliver denser computer memories and faster heart attack diagnosis.
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    Medicine Gets Personal

    Drug designers will soon be able to tailor medications to the patient’s unique genetic makeup, doing more good and less harm.

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