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Print Your Next PC

November/December 2000

Forget billion-dollar fabs. If Joe Jacobson has his way, you may be printing cheap semiconductor chips on your desktop.

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    The Software Chip

    Upstart Transmeta’s pioneering microprocessor chips are heralding a fundamental evolutionary step in the design of computing’s core technology.
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    Fill ‘er Up With Hydrogen

    Tired of waiting for an electric car? Automakers have put clean, efficient vehicles powered by fuel cells on the inside track.
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    Their bedside manner is a tad impersonal. But the computer-assisted robotic systems finding their way into today’s operating room may someday save your life.
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    Biotech Speeds Its Evolution

    A handful of hot startups are exploiting nature’s own methods - vastly accelerated - in order to breed better detergents, drugs and crops.
  • Researchers from Bell Labs are taking company ideas and using them to start new businesses, some of which could threaten Lucent’s established product lines. So what’s the company doing about it? Supporting them every step of the way.
  • See how much 150 of the world’s top companies invest in R&D.
  • Can’t find it on the Web? The Google guys came up with a better way to sift through a billion Web pages-a stack of documents 100 kilometers high-in less than a second. As a result, they’re the hottest search engine around.

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