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Big data

How an Algorithm Learned to Identify Depressed Individuals by Studying Their Instagram Photos

Your mental health is reflected in the images you choose to post on social media, say researchers who have trained a machine to spot depression on Instagram.

Clean power

China’s Solar Binge Is Turning Into a Hangover

Record growth in the first half of 2016 sounds great for renewable energy, but the country has far more solar power than it can use.

Wearable devices and sensors

This Wristband Can Trace Your GPS Directions on Your Skin

The Moment wristband vibrates in different patterns to convey information with less distraction.



AI’s Research Rut

When we think of AI as one particular thing, we drag the whole field down.


Technologies are revolutionizing how we work and how companies operate.

The Future of Healthcare

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How ubiquitous information and communication are transforming our lives.