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A New Vision for Nuclear Waste

December 2004

Storing nuclear waste underground at Yucca Mountain for 100,000 years is a terrible idea. A better approach may be to buy some time – until new containment technologies mature.

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  • Fighting to stay relevant as telephony, television, and the Internet merge, telecom giant Verizon is installing new switches and fiber that could provide all of tomorrow’s media services–whatever they turn out to be.
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    Generic Biotech

    Biotech drugs can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Cheaper generic versions could save countless lives, but proving their safety and effectiveness is no easy task.
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    Special Report: R&D ’04

    Technology Review’s annual look at corporate research trends and numbers including the R&D spending of 150 top technology companies, plus profiles of three hot research projects.
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    Portable Projectors

    Ramesh Raskar of the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory demonstrates how miniprojectors could be the antidote to handheld devices’ shrinking screens.

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