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“Now folks who might not like science class have something they can enjoy and see that STEM has really creative applications.”

— Julie Legault, Co-founder, Amnio Labs

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Sustainable Energy

Electric Cars Could Be Cheaper Than Internal Combustion by 2030

Tesla gets the headlines, but big battery factories are being built all over the world, driving down prices.

Business Impact

Zipline’s Ambitious Medical Drone Delivery in Africa

In Rwanda, an early commercial test of unmanned aerial vehicles cuts a medical facility’s time to procure blood from four hours to 15 minutes.

Business Impact

Jim Hackett’s Toughest Job Yet: Leading Ford into the Driverless Era

An industry outsider will help Ford navigate an altered car industry and compete with the likes of Google and Uber.

Business Impact

Inflatable Spacecraft Launches, Falcon 9 Successfully Returns to Earth

It looks like the outer space equivalent of a bounce house, but Bigelow’s BEAM could make space travel cheaper and safer.

Sustainable Energy

The Case for Building Electric Roads

The falling price of lithium-ion batteries may mean that electrified streets don’t make sense for private cars—but could be useful for public transit.

Intelligent Machines

A Single Autonomous Car Has a Huge Impact on Alleviating Traffic

Even intelligent cruise control systems could be used to clear up congestion.

Business Impact

The World’s Largest Electric Vehicle Maker Hits a Speed Bump

China’s BYD has huge market share and the backing of Warren Buffett, but a recent drop in government subsidies is hurting sales of its electric cars.