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Autonomous Vehicles: Are You Ready for the New Ride?

Automakers are joining with Google, Uber, and high-profile start-ups to harness the technological advances that will power next-generation autonomous vehicles.

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The Travel Ecosystem: An Industry on the Go

Amadeus, a behind-the-scenes technology provider serving the entire travel ecosystem, has transformed its technology backbone to enable the new personalized and seamless digital experiences consumers crave.

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The Possibility of Smarter Schools

Forward-thinking educators are integrating new technologies into their curricula–improving, or even replacing traditional classrooms in the process.

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Technology Moves to the Head of the 21st Century Classroom

Tomorrow’s jobs will demand collaborative workers with hands-on problem-solving skills. Cloud, virtualization, and software-defined networking will empower this new workforce.


Autonomous Grocery Vans Are Making Deliveries in London

The vehicles can find their way along real roads in order to deliver bags of food to Greenwich residents.


Why Waymo’s Partnership with Avis Makes Sense

Alphabet’s autonomous-driving division doesn’t care for auto maintenance, while rental firms are keen to find purpose as the model of car ownership changes.