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God´s Eyes for Sale

March/April 1999

High-resolution satellite images are about to flood the marketplace. They could be good for business, but what will they do for terrorists?

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  • Researchers are building devices one molecule at a time. TR sorts the possible form the preposterous.
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    Chips Go Nano

    Shrinking computer chips have propelled the information revolution. But chip makers are approaching unknown territory.
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    Moses of the Nanoworld

    To his followers, K. Eric Drexler is the prophet of nanotechnology. Will he be left behind by the rapidly developing reality of nanoscience?
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    The Gene Factory

    An exclusive peek inside the data machine built to beat the Human Genome Project.
  • What’s that, you ask? A new technology that’s opening vast realms of capacity in the fibers that carry phone and Internet traffic all over the world. None too soon, either.
  • In the Alice-in-Wonderland world of the Web, things keep getting curiouser and curiouser. Before you drink that “Drink Me” hear two Berkeley economists

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