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MIT Technology Review

Food Irradiation: Will It Keep the Doctors Away?

November 1997

Every major food and health organization has endorsed food irradiation as a foolproof and safe way to rid our food supply of disease-causing microbes. Then why aren´t we using it?

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Letter from the editor


  • One of the nation’s top health-care executives explains what’s needed to sustain the health of the hospitals that bring us the latest technological advances.

  • In July, we asked readers to pick today’s most profound questions of science. The results, tabulated here, show that while the questions are scientific, the process of identifying them is anything but.

  • Fifty years ago, researchers at Bell Labs put theory into practice and started a revolution in electronics. Can today’s companies foster the same lively interplay between the practical and the scientific?

  • Some of the world’s oldest and most remarkable creatures are dying out. Can advanced technologies help rescue the leatherback sea turtle and other endangered animals?

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