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Companies That Listen to Their Inner Voices

May/June 1998

MIT´s guru of productivity calls for a new “New Economic Citizenship,” a concept based partly on how America´s most successful corporations navigate turbulent economic conditions.

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    Winning Combinations

    Combinatorial chemestry has revolutionized drug developmnet. A handful of startup companies are betting it can do the same in the search for new materials
  • At Xerox’s famed Palo Alto Research Center their’s a new factor in innovation: teams of anthropologists who study how people interact with machines (and each other) in the workplace.
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    The Next Genome Project

    The first one has turned up masses of genetic information. But its real payoff will come from mapping interactions among the cell’s workhorses: the proteins.
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    The Big Dig

    To bury Boston’s busiest highway underground, engineers are simulating traffic flows on their computers (to give the highway a brain) and starting huge fires in West Virginia (to give it a fire control system).
  • He invented a key piece of what has become the Internet. The MCI vice president shares his strong ideas on where the Net should be going–and wars of the dangers of government interference.

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