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Bell Labs is Dead, Long Live Bell Labs

September/October 1998

Confounding the skeptics, this jewel of big-time corporate R&D has gained new luster—even in basic research—by focusing its scientific endeavors on solving real-world problems.

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    The Next Biotech Harvest

    Now poised to move from labs to fields; genetically altered plants that could yield not only better foods but also fabrics, plastics and pharmaceuticals.
  • He dreamed up the idea of hypertext as a way to link all human knowledge decades before the World Wide Web–but never delivered a usable piece of software.
  • By taking big risks–in business and in research–a husband-and-wife team of entrepreneurs has brought speech recognition to the desktop years before the experts thought it would be possible.
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    Making Needles Needless

    Vaccines of the future are going to come in a remarkable array of forms: nasil sprays, nose drops, flavored liquids, skin patches, even fried food.
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    That Mess on Your Web Site

    Fixing a few common design mistakes would make the Web a far more pleasant and useful place to hang out, says a guru of interactive interfaces.

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