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MIT Technology Review

Taking on the Cybersecurity Challenge

More than ever, information security is—or should be—top of mind for business and IT leaders in every industry worldwide. This exclusive collection of original content takes a multifaceted look at preventing, detecting, and effectively responding to cybersecurity breaches.

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    Crisis Communication After an Attack

    If there’s one area where organizations stumble when responding to breaches, it’s in keeping stakeholders informed. Doing that job well requires having plans in place long before cybercriminals come calling.

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    Close the Talent Gap, Secure the Future

    The shortage of in-house cybersecurity skills is a major challenge for executives who fear their organizations are ill equipped to prevent, detect, and respond to cyberattacks. For that reason, many turn to external partners for security expertise.

    Cyberattacks don’t just devastate businesses; they sometimes destroy careers as well. Here are five tactics executives can employ to protect their organizations—and their own reputations.