Product Designer

Cambridge, MA

We are seeking an experienced Product Designer to join our product development team. The team is comprised of talented, multi-disciplinary designers, product managers, project managers, analysts, and developers who are clever, reliable, honest, and passionate about our products.

The product development team isn’t a tech services back-office that takes in orders and spits out code; it’s a strategic partner that works with all of Technology Review’s teams—editorial, design, marketing, sales, events, licensing, and custom content—to conceptualize and create beautiful digital experiences that will delight our users, extend our reach and magnify our impact.

With editorial, the product team co-creates tools that enable our journalists to break new ground in digital storytelling. With marketing, it builds the systems that allow us to understand our users’ needs and desires and keep them coming back. And with sales…well, you get the picture. We’re a tight-knit organization and we know that our success depends on each of our teams understanding one another’s needs and supporting them.

The skills

You’ll need to have a balance of visual design, interaction design, a solid understanding of design systems—and people skills. You’ll use user research and analytics to shape design recommendations, anticipate user needs, and suggest ways for the business to address them. You’ll want to own the look, feel and function of a project from conception to completion, with the goal of creating something that will not only inspire but stand up and improve over time.

You’ll also need to be comfortable collaborating and being a real strategic partner with stakeholders throughout the organization, including the CEO and her leadership team. 

Primary responsibilities

  • Co-lead UX/UI design for MIT Technology Review’s digital experiences through hands-on work, process definition, and documentation
  • Collaborate with other designers, product managers, project managers, and developers to implement and iterate on design work 
  • Work with internal teams (editorial, art, marketing, events, etc.) to ensure the site experience is delightful and efficient for our audience, and effective for our business 
  • Leverage data to measure effectiveness of the user experience
  • Help define, improve, and guide design standards and processes
  • Create design concepts and UX artifacts for the web, mobile, e-mails, and other applications
  • Serve as a staunch advocate for the end-user within the organization

Supervision Received: This role reports to the Chief Digital Officer

Supervision Exercised: None

Requirements and qualifications

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in a similar role pertaining to user experience or product design.
  • An online portfolio showing relevant work. This should include case studies that show how you approach and solve a business challenge and the results your effort generated. Please include every step of your process be it post it notes on walls or prototypes, wireframes, schematics, user surveys, user research, presentations, A/B testing, data analysis, etc.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication along with the ability to express your ideas to any audience and collaborate across the organization 
  • Advanced skills in interaction design, editorial art direction, information architecture, and designing and crafting user experiences that are responsive or mobile-first
  • Advanced knowledge or high proficiency with Sketch, Photoshop, or Illustrator and other related tools
  • Ability to sketch or prototype interactions and design concepts using inVision or using code
  • Able to work collaboratively within the product team to ensure the integrity of your design translates to the final build
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to have an intelligent conversation with the developers on our team (you will not be asked or required to write production-level code)
  • Experience in media or publishing industry (or at a digital agency serving media clients) a plus

The ideal candidate will also:

  • Be pragmatic about the toolset and not in love with any single tool.
  • Be intensely curious (seeks to understand ‘why’).
  • Be outcomes-focused (values actionable recommendations over interesting insights).
  • Be an independent learner (enjoys learning new tools and technologies).
  • Value a sense of humor — or better yet, have a good one.
  • Have a point of view on important issues, and the courage to voice it, especially when it differs from the group consensus. Not scared to publicize the truth.
  • Have a love of media in all of its forms.