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Editor in chief Mat Honan

Executive editor Michael Reilly

Editorial director, digital Niall Firth

Editorial director, special projects and operations Amy Nordrum

Editorial director, audio and live journalism Jennifer Strong

Editor at large David Rotman

News editor Charlotte Jee

Managing editor Timothy Maher

Commissioning editor Rachel Courtland

Senior editor, MIT News Alice Dragoon

Senior editor, biomedicine Antonio Regalado

Senior editor, climate and energy James Temple

Senior editor, digital culture Abby Ohlheiser

Senior editor, cybersecurity Patrick Howell O’Neill

Senior editor, AI Will Douglas Heaven

Senior editor, AI Karen Hao

Podcast producer Anthony Green

Senior reporter, humans and technology Tanya Basu

Senior reporter, tech policy, ethics and social issues Eileen Guo

Reporter, digital rights and democracy Tate Ryan-Mosley

Copy chief Linda Lowenthal

Audience engagement editor Abby Ivory-Ganja


Chief creative officer Eric Mongeon

Art director Emily Luong

Photo editor Stephanie Arnett


Chief executive officer and publisher Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau

Assistant to the CEO Katie McLean

Manager of information technology Colby Wheeler

Office manager Linda Cardinal


Chief technical officer Drake Martinet

Head of product Mariya Sitnova

Senior software engineer Molly Frey

UI product designer Rachel Stein

Associate product manager Allison Chase

Software engineer Jack Burns

Head of data and analytics Danielle Golds

Product management intern Yufei Zheng


Senior vice president, events and strategic partnerships Amy Lammers

Director of event content and experiences Brian Bryson

Head of content, international and custom events Marcy Rizzo

Senior content producer Kristen Kavanaugh

Event content producer Erin Underwood

Associate director of events Nicole Silva

Event operations manager Elana Wilner

Event partnership coordinator Madeleine Frasca

Events associate Bo Richardson

Consumer marketing

Senior vice president, marketing and consumer revenue Doreen Adger

Director of digital marketing Emily Baillieul

Director of event marketing Brenda Noiseux

Email marketing manager Tuong-Chau Cai

Circulation and print production manager Tim Borton

MIT Technology Review Insights & International

Vice president of international business development, head of MIT Technology Review Insights Nicola Crepaldi

Director of custom content, US Laurel Ruma

Senior project manager Martha Leibs

Content manager Jason Sparapani

Senior Manager of Licensing Ted Hu

Director of custom content, international Francesca Fanshawe

Director of business development, Asia Marcus Ulvne

Director of brand partnerships, Europe Emily Kutchinsky

Advertising sales

Senior vice president, sales and brand partnerships Andrew Hendler

Executive director, brand partnerships Marii Sebahar

Executive Director, brand partnerships Kristin Ingram

Executive Director, integrated marketing Caitlin Bergmann

Senior Director, brand partnerships Miles Weiner

Director, brand partnerships Debbie Hanley

Director, brand partnerships Ian Keller

Digital sales strategy manager Casey Sullivan


Vice president of finance Enejda Xheblati

General ledger manager Olivia Male

Accountant Anduela Tabaku

Board of directors

Martin A. Schmidt, Chair

Peter J. Caruso II, Esq.

Whitney Espich

Jerome I. Friedman

David Schmittlein

Glen Shor

Alan Spoon