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London’s Uber ban has been lifted


The ride-hailer has its license back, but it will be on probation for 15 months.

Some background: Last September, London’s transport regulator declared the ride-hailing firm “not fit and proper” to provide its services in London. Uber never stopped operating in the city, though—it was allowed to continue service during the appeals process.

The ruling: Chief magistrate Emma Arbuthno ruled today that Uber was now fit to operate in the city. But rather than the typical five-year license, it was given a 15-month period to prove it’s made necessary adjustments. It agreed to adopt new regulations and pay Transport for London’s 425,000-pound legal costs.

Why it matters: The case was a major change of pace for Uber. Rather than taking a combative approach, representatives of the company accepted blame, apologized for its actions, and promised to make changes. The ruling could serve as a model for other cities also looking to further regulate ride hailers.