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The cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity

As cloud adoption accelerates and begins to touch all aspects of business, companies need to augment their core digital capabilities, advance their operating models, and transform their talent for the future.

2023 Global Cloud Ecosystem

Results from our 2023 Global Cloud Ecosystem survey of executives indicate there are two stages of cloud maturity globally: one where firms adopt cloud to achieve essential opex and capex cost reduction, and a second where firms link cloud investments to a positive business value. Respondents indicate the two are converging quickly.

Posten Bring’s cloud-powered evolution, from paper to pixels

Arne Erik Berntzen, chief information officer of Posten Bring, Norway's leading postal and logistics organization, shares insights into Posten Bring's evolution into a customer-driven powerhouse. Discover how Posten Bring is leveraging technology, including AI and observability platforms, to empower employees and enhance customer experiences.

Scaling generative AI

In this panel discussion, Infosys led the conversation on the impact and challenges of generative AI across various industries. With panelists from Verizon, Bank of America, KPMG, and AT&T, they talked about generative AI’s potential in customer service, risk management, personalization, and the need for a culture of innovation to utilize the capabilities of GenAI effectively.

Building a more reliable supply chain

Rapidly advancing technologies are building the modern supply chain, making transparent, collaborative, and data-driven systems a reality.