Silicon Valley

Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and other Silicon Valley Big Tech companies are built on innovation. But how are these corporate behemoths dealing with the ramifications of their power?

Silicon Valley

People are calling for Zuckerberg’s resignation. Here are just five of the reasons why.

Facebook has been beset by scandals over the last year and many believe that nothing will change until its founder and CEO is gone.

Mark Zuckerberg
Silicon Valley

How the data mining of failure could teach us the secrets of success

These data researchers found that for startups, scientists, and terrorists alike, learning too little from experience spells doom.

Silicon Valley

Europe’s copyright dispute shows just how hard it is to fix the internet’s problems

The EU has just passed the Copyright Directive: now small sites and tech giants alike will have to deal with the fallout and recriminations.

Silicon Valley

Zuckerberg’s new privacy essay shows why Facebook needs to be broken up

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t understand what privacy means—he can’t be trusted to define it for the rest of us.

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