Intelligent Machines

High Fidelity 3-D Images Created Using KinectFusion

A look at some of the kinds of images you can make with the 3-D scanner project that evolved from Microsoft’s Xbox controller.

Sep 30, 2011
A virtual metallic sphere that both creates shade and reflects light realistically has been added to a 3-D scene using data from Kinect’s color camera.
KinectFusion generated this 3-D model of research team member David Kim of Newcastle University. The surface was rendered using a technique called Phong shading.
Images moving in the foreground can be segmented and reconstructed separately from their backgrounds.
This image was generated after geometrically realistic surfaces were calculated from raw point cloud data.
The original scene, shown at bottom left, was texture-mapped in 3-D to produce the image at top left. The lighting was then adjusted to produce the image at right. The Kinect packaging is seen in the image.