Rewriting Life

A Day in My Life

A slideshow to illustrate a day in the life of biomedicine editor, Emily Singer, as documented by several self-tracking devices.

Jun 21, 2011
The graphs in this slideshow illustrate a day in my life as documented by several of the devices that are now available to track everything from sleep to activity to stress. The graph here charts my sleep as recorded by the Zeo, revealing how many times I woke during the night.
This chart and graph outline the Fitbit’s account of the number of steps I took over the course of the day (left) and the time I spent sedentary and mildly, moderately, or highly active. The results highlight how activity levels drop at work, even compared with evenings at home. 
The bottom graph shows data recorded by the Q sensor, from Affectiva,
which detects skin conductance (top line), a measure related to stress, excitement, and activity. To help interpret the meaning of changes in conductance, the device also measures skin temperature (middle line) and movement (bottom lines).