Photos of Woodie Flowers

The man who won’t let one thing define him

Feb 22, 2011
Margaret and Woodie Flowers, circa 1970.
Woodie Flowers receives the Class of 1922 Career Development Professor Award in 1976. Congratulating him are, from left to right: Alfred Keil, dean of engineering; Walter Rosenblith, provost; and Herbert Richardson, head of the Mechanical Engineering Department.
In 1985, Flowers hands out kits to students taking the introduction to design course known as 2.70.
Flowers hosted the television show “Scientific American Frontiers” from 1990 to 1993. “I introduced myself to the ‘Scientific American Frontiers’ audience in free fall,” he says. “It was a very exciting shoot! This photo was one of the publicity shots.”
Flowers presides over preparations for the 2.70 contest, circa 1990. The contest is featured in an episode of “Scientific American Frontiers.”
Flowers in 1991.
Flowers in 1991.
In 1992, Flowers sails down the banister (wearing rollerblades) at 77 Mass. Ave. while shooting an introduction to a “Scientific American Frontiers” story. The camera crew is in the foreground.
Flowers emceeing at a FIRST Robotics Competition, circa 1999, wearing and holding things the teams had given him. “The last year I wore a vest and accepted things from the teams, the vest weighed 22 pounds at the end of the season,” says Flowers, who now has participants sign his shirt. “Last year’s shirt had about 1,000 signatures. I am absolutely sure, among the 10 or so shirts I now have, that I have the autographs of many famous future leaders!”
Flowers congratulates a FIRST Robotics Competition team after a successful round at the championship event, circa 2001.
Flowers at a polo lesson in 2006.
To celebrate turning 60, Flowers attends trapeze school at the Omega Institute in New York state.
Woodie and Margaret in the Serengeti on the border between Tanzania and Kenya, summer of 2008.