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2006 Young Innovators Under 35

The editors of Technology Review have once again selected the TR35, 35 outstanding young innovators under the age of 35. Their work–spanning medicine, computing, nanotechnology, and a lot more–is changing our world.

Aug 8, 2006

Since 1999, the editors of Technology Review have honored the young innovators whose inventions and research we find most exciting; today that collection is the TR35, a list of technologists and scientists, all under the age of 35.

2006 Innovator of the Year: Joshua Schachter
2006 Humanitarian of the Year: Christina Galitsky

Song Jin
Making nanowires get in line
Sumeet Singh
Faster defenses against computer viruses
Ling Liao
Lighting up computers
Paris Smaragdis
Teaching machines to listen
Liam Paninski
Decoding brain signals
Benjamin Zhao
Perfecting peer-to-peer networks
Michael Wong
Cleaning up with nanoparticles
Joshua Schachter
How tags exploit the self-interest of individuals to organize the Web for everyone.
Anand Raghunathan
Making mobile secure
Nikos Paragios
Clearer computer vision
Michael Raab
Making fuel ethanol more cheaply
Paul Rademacher
The man who opened up the map
Roger Dingledine
When e-mail absolutely, positively has to get there anonymously
Jeffrey Bode
Peptide “Legos” to make new drugs
Utkan Demirci
Disposable AIDS diagnosis
William King
The worlds smallest soldering iron
Jason Fried
Keeping online collaboration simple
Jane McGonigal
Designing games with new realities
Edward Boyden
Artificially firing neurons
Apostolos Argyris
Disguising data as noise
Jay Shendure
The $1,000 genome
Alice Ting
Lighting cellular movies
Ashok Maliakal
The floppy screen
Christopher Voigt
A vision in bacteria
Prithwish Basu
Networking Unplugged
Eddie Kohler
A better operating system
Seth Coe-Sullivan
Making screens crystal clear
Ram K. Krishnamurthy
Cooler computers
Manolis Kellis
Understanding genomes
Joshua Napoli
Higher-resolution 3-D displays
Christina Galitsky
Simple technologies save energy and lives
Stefan Duma
Better virtual crash dummies
Stephanie Lacour
Stretchable electronic skin
Marin Soljacic
Modeling the flows of light
Matthew Herren
Beaming textbooks across Africa