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Innovators Under 352023

How do you know what’s coming next, especially with a topic as fast-moving as technology? One way is to focus on the technology itself, as we do every year with our 10 Breakthrough Technologies package. With our 35 Innovators Under 35, we come at the same problem from a different angle: Who are the people driving the next wave of innovation, and what does their work tell us about where technology will go in the near future?

Sep 12, 2023Animation by Vichhika Tep


With the help of these innovators, robots are being asked to do more than ever before—including driving cars, drilling tunnels, and aiding humans in space.


New developments in computing range from greener chips to a quantum computing breakthrough.


These innovators are using technology to understand the body at the smallest scale, to find new ways to attack cancer, and to try to cure Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Climate and energy

The climate crisis demands answers from a variety of angles. These innovators are working to solve problems in carbon capture, battery-making, and managing the grid.

Artificial intelligence

Progress in AI has been breathtaking in the past year. These innovators are employing it to redefine entire fields, and to make sure it’s safe to use.