Climate Change

Climate change is making the Earth a warmer and weirder place, forcing researchers, companies and governments to understand, confront and adapt to rising dangers.

Climate Change

How a new class of startups are working to solve the grid storage puzzle

Form Energy, Antora, and others are trying to develop very cheap, very long-lasting storage to clean up the electricity system.

Conceptual illustration of a battery made out of a rubiks cube puzzle
Climate Change

Why carbon taxes may need to be far higher than we’d planned

A new model suggests the price should start high and then fall over time, in a total reversal of conventional wisdom.

Wind turbines.
Climate Change

Climate activism is now a global movement, but it’s still not enough

Polling shows more people, particularly Republicans, will need to demand action on climate change to ensure the passage of desperately needed policies.

Protesters at a Global Climate Strike protest on September 20, 2019 in Washington, United States

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