Climate Change

Climate change is making the Earth a warmer and weirder place, forcing researchers, companies and governments to understand, confront and adapt to rising dangers.

Climate Change

The planet has a fever, and the cure is more capitalism, a prominent researcher argues

In a provocative new book, MIT’s Andrew McAfee asserts that rich countries have figured out how to grow with lighter environmental impacts—and developing nations can follow suit.

An edited photo of smokestacks
Climate Change

How much of the solar system should be designated wilderness?

Most of it, say astrophysicists, if we want to guarantee the future of humanity.

An illustration showing the planets in the solar system
Climate Change

Bitcoin mining may be pumping out as much CO2 per year as Kansas City

The latest attempt to assess the environmental impact of the cryptocurrency finds that mining accounts for about 0.2% of global electricity consumption.

A power plant.
Climate Change

How a town destroyed by fire is trying to make itself fireproof

Can a town like Paradise, California, ever be truly safe in the era of climate change?

An aerial file photo showing destroyed residences in Paradise, California

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