From the latest smartphones to advances in quantum computing, the hardware behind today's digital age is rapidly changing.

Internet access

States Are Putting the Brakes on Municipal Broadband

Tennessee and North Carolina join other states in siding with cable and telecom companies, rather than allowing cities to provide affordable connectivity.

Security and privacy

Israeli Hacking Firm Said to Be Behind Groundbreaking iOS Malware

NSO Group, a firm that trades in spyware, stands accused of peddling an unprecedented attack on iPhones.

Beyond silicon

Intel Tries to Rearchitect the Computer—and Itself

Will faster data storage and chips with built-in lasers be enough to turn Intel around?

Computer science

Communication Breakdown

A pair of experts mulled whether we’d ever get machines to talk, let alone think.

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  • Security and Privacy

    Just how safe is your digital life?

  • Computer Science

    The research breakthroughs that will lead to tomorrow's technologies.

  • Internet Access

    Providing connectivity to the millions that are still without it.

  • Beyond Silicon

    What technologies will we use as we face the end of Moore's Law?

  • Big data

    How the use and analysis of vast pools of information is changing our lives

  • 3-D Printing

    Digital manufacturing techniques are making new kinds of products possible.

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