Biotechnology is the industry that uses the molecules of life (DNA, RNA, and proteins mostly) to treat and diagnose disease. We report on the latest biomedical science and technological research.


Alexa could spot your cardiac arrest—by listening to your breathing

A new system that listens for a telltale gasping sound could get you vital help in time.

An illustration of an Amazon smart speaker and ECG waves.

A CRISPR startup is testing pig organs in monkeys to see if they’re safe for us

Gene-editing company eGenesis is now carrying out experiments to help solve a critical shortage of human organs available for transplant.

Illustration of human, monkey, and pig under x-ray machine

China’s CRISPR babies could face earlier death

A genetic mutation that protects against HIV leads to a shorter life span, researchers find.

He Jiankui

Cancer? This researcher says he can see it in your blood

Another large-scale effort is under way to develop a doctor’s-office test to find cancer in people with no symptoms.

An image of a patient having their blood drawn
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