Artificial Intelligence

What is AI? It's the quest to build machines that can reason, learn, and act intelligently, and it has barely begun. We cover the latest advances in machine learning, neural networks, and robots.

Artificial Intelligence

AI will now watch for fraudsters on the world’s largest stock exchange

A deep-learning system will work alongside human analysts to monitor the Nasdaq for suspicious behavior.

Nasdaq tower
Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to robot university (only robots need apply)

Want your robot to learn a new task? Then send it to RoboNet, a vast video database that could one day teach it anything.

Photograph of a robot arm
Artificial Intelligence

The US Army is creating robots that can follow orders

For robots to be useful teammates, they need to be able to understand what they’re told to do—and execute it with minimal supervision.

A clearpath robot under remote control
Artificial Intelligence

Inside Amazon’s plan for Alexa to run your entire life

The creator of the famous voice assistant dreams of a world where Alexa is everywhere, anticipating your every need.

Illustration of two Alexa devices chatting with each other
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