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Peep this: The grabby robots keeping your Easter candy unsquished


Ladies and gentlemen, fear no more. Robotically squished Peeps are not coming to a store near you.

Peep picker: In a Pennsylvania factory, handling of the easily smashable confections will be managed by 16 robots come August. Created by Cambridge-based Soft Robotics, the blue four-fingered robot emulates actions done by a human hand to pick and pack Peeps successfully.

A gentle hand:  Soft robots are solving the issue of robots’ lack of dexterity. Using adaptable soft materials rather than the normal hard metals, these robots can work with objects of varied shapes and consistencies, something previously limited to human workers.

We demand more Peeps: Two billion of the marshmallow creations are already made each year. But their creator, Just Born Quality Confections, told the Wall Street Journal that it is banking on these bots to send the numbers even higher. So if you have ever worried about not having sugary bunnies whenever you wanted them, you can finally rest easy.