Arming the Copy Cops
Macrovision Santa Clara, CA SafeAudio distorts music of copied files. SafeAuthenticate puts a digital signature on a CD, restricting its use. Both are being evaluated by record companies.
Midbar Tech Tel Aviv, Israel Cactus Data Shield, which “hides” music on a CD to keep computers from copying it, is used on more than 30 million CDs worldwide.
Sony DADC Salzburg, Austria Key2audio, which disguises an audio CD as a data disc so that a computer cannot find the music, is already on 10 million CDs in Europe.
SunnComm Phoenix, AZ MediaCloq pioneered copy-protection for CDs released in the United States.
Verance San Diego, CA Its digital watermarking technology, which interleaves music files with data that verify a disc’s authenticity, is in use on CDs in the United States.