Sustainable Energy

Can we sustainably provide food, water, and energy to a growing population during a climate crisis?

Sustainable Energy

Brazil’s presidential election could mean billions of tons of additional greenhouse gases

Policies leading to more destruction of the Amazon and Cerrado would have a huge impact on climate change.

Photo of farmers in a deforested section of the Amazon basin
Sustainable Energy

China’s giant transmission grid could be the key to cutting climate emissions

But are the country’s next-generation power lines a clean-power play or a global power move?

Conceptual illustration showing a map of the world and an animated transmission grid
Sustainable Energy

People will never vote for a carbon tax, so let’s stop asking

Voters in the state of Washington rejected, once again, what would have been the US’s first carbon tax.

Sustainable Energy

A powerful new battery could give us electric planes that don’t pollute

A manufacturing trick with magnetic fields produces a battery that may discharge fast enough to get an aircraft off the ground.

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