Sustainable Energy

Can we sustainably provide food, water, and energy to a growing population during a climate crisis?

Sustainable Energy

Curbing emissions isn’t enough—we need emergency solutions for climate change

Top energy scientist Daniel Schrag says we have to adapt and innovate, because we’re already signed up for centuries of higher global temperatures.

Photo of Daniel Shrag speaking at EmTech 2018
Sustainable Energy

Why lithium-ion may rule batteries for a long time to come

Materials scientist Gerd Ceder is overseeing a research effort to extend the capabilities of the dominant form of energy storage, using a new class of compounds.

Sustainable Energy

How California could affordably reach 100 percent clean electricity

Depending on solar and wind without nuclear, carbon capture, or other “firm low-carbon resources” would be extremely expensive, MIT researchers find.

Sustainable Energy

One secret to building affordable nuclear: stick with tried-and-true designs

But first we need to convince companies to build nuclear plants at all.

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