Rewriting Life

Reprogramming our bodies to make us healthier.

Rewriting Life

Biologists checked out this NBA player’s DNA for clues to his immense height

Gene scores can pick most people likely to be extremely tall, super smart, or out of the ordinary.

Photo of man in basketball uniform, on basketball court, standing beside ruler reading 7'6"
Rewriting Life

Anti-aging medicine is so hot even this controversial idea has investors

A startup invests in a way to keep people younger, despite doubts about its science.

Rewriting Life

Physicists hack the human visual system to create “ghost images”

A pioneering experiment will extend human vision to invisible wavelengths, say researchers.

Rewriting Life

Researchers find a way to mimic clinical trials using genetics

A technique called Mendelian randomization could be the revolutionary tool drug companies have been waiting for.

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