What it means to be constantly connected with each other and vast sources of information.


It’s time for a Bill of Data Rights

As the US Senate debates a new bill, a data-governance expert presents a plan to protect liberty and freedom in the digital age.


Ethereum thinks it can change the world. It’s running out of time to prove it.

The blockchain system has daunting technical problems to fix. But first, its disciples need to figure out how to govern themselves.


A mass ride-sharing launch will put cremated remains, satellites, and art into space

Artists and space entrepreneurs are among those with something on board a SpaceX rocket intended to launch more than 60 satellites.

Photo of a satellite launch

Why the “y’all” line divides the US north from south, not east from west

Variations in spoken English seem to spread more easily across the US than up or down. Data mining points to an explanation.

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