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Yesterday Starling are an incredibly invasive species in the U.S.

If Unleashed in the Wild, Gene Drives Could Create a “Highly Invasive Species,” Researchers Say

Technology’s answer to invasive species and disease-spreading insects is looking riskier than ever in its current form.

Aside from astonishing cures, one of CRISPR’s most tantalizing uses could be so-called gene drives. As we’ve reported in the past,… Read more

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  • Srikanta H U | Unsplash

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VIDEO: Boston Dynamics’ Backflipping Robot Is an Astounding Advance

What a difference two years make. If you followed the DARPA Challenge back in 2015, you’ll know that humanoid robots have a track record of falling over—a lot. Fast forward to today, however, and the notorious robot maker Boston Dynamics has gotten its… Read more

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  • Boston Dynamics

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This Startup Developed a Promising New Battery Material—and a Novel Survival Strategy

As Kenan Sahin walks through the labs at Tiax, an energy technology development firm located along Boston’s tech beltway, he points to a row of little muffle furnaces in a small beige room. The company’s researchers use the ovens to heat mixtures of...

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Yesterday Can the Tesla Semi win over truckers?

Tesla’s All-Electric Semi Sounds Amazing—But How Much Will It Cost, Exactly?

Elon Musk wants big rigs to trade their diesel for electrons. Last night, the Tesla CEO unveiled his hotly anticipated truck (and also decided to throw the announcement of a new $200,000 super car in for good measure). The Verge has a nice nine-minute… Read more

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  • Tesla
November 16, 2017 Robotic arms in factory

Automation May Take Your Job Away, But It Might Just Create a New One for You, Too

Robots are undeniably decimating jobs in certain industries—but the news isn’t necessarily all bad.

A new report by Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work lays out 21 new kinds of jobs that will be created in the next 10 years, employing large swaths… Read more

Source: Image credit:
  • ICAPlants | Wikimedia Commons
Black and white photo of two men looking at chest x-rays

A New Algorithm Can Spot Pneumonia Better Than a Radiologist

Add diagnosing dangerous lung diseases to the growing list of things artificial intelligence can do better than humans.

A new arXiv paper by researchers from Stanford explains how CheXNet, the convolutional neural network they developed, achieved the… Read more

Image credit:
  • City of Minneapolis Archives
Amazon Key lets delivery folks enter your home.

Amazon Key Lets Delivery People into Your House—and It Just Got Hacked

A hardware safeguard in Amazon’s recently launched while-you’re-out delivery service turns out to have a big hole. And, well—let’s just say you probably should have seen this coming.

Amazon Key uses a smart lock and cloud-based security camera in order… Read more

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  • Amazon

Editor's Pick

China’s AI Awakening
中国 人工智能 的崛起

On a tropical island that marks the southern tip of China, a computer program called Lengpudashi is playing one-on-one poker against a dozen people at once, and it’s absolutely crushing them. Lengpudashi, which means “cold poker master” in Mandarin,...

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November 16, 2017 The Neuro-Stim System Bridge

The FDA Has Blessed Its First Medical Device to Tackle Opioid Withdrawal

People weaning themselves from painkillers may soon get a helping hand via a zap in the brain. The FDA says the snappy-sounding Neuro-Stim System Bridge, which costs between $600 and $800, can now be marketed as a way to treat opioid withdrawal.

It’s… Read more

Source: Image credit:
  • Innovative Health Solutions
November 15, 2017 Reveal of GE's new metal 3D printer at formnext

Metal 3-D Printing Is, Finally, Overcoming Its Limitations

Techniques for 3-D-printing metal have long been too expensive and slow, and the parts produced too weak, to compete with traditional manufacturing—but that is changing, and fast.

General Electric’s beta version of its newest metal 3-D printer (pictured)… Read more

Source: Image credit:
  • GE Additive