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Who’s responsible when technology causes harm? We look at how the world is dealing with problems like fake news and misinformation, AI bias, Big Tech’s power, genetic discrimination, privacy intrusions, mass surveillance, and more.

Tech Policy

Yes, China is probably outspending the US in AI—but not on defense

New estimates show how much China’s investments in AI have been overblown.

Chinese paramilitary armed policemen salute as red flags flutter in front of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.
Tech Policy

The Census is a target for disinformation—here’s how it could be protected

It’s an all-hands-on-deck situation to stop the vital count from being compromised. But there are still concerns that Big Tech isn’t being transparent enough.

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Tech Policy

Employees say Google is trying to spy on them. That’ll be hard to prove.

What does spying mean when workplace surveillance is the norm?

Tech Policy

The limits of Chinese military power

The US military is without peer in its ability to project power around the world, and that’s not about to change.

Collage of military vehicles
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