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The cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity

As cloud adoption accelerates and begins to touch all aspects of business, companies need to augment their core digital capabilities, advance their operating models, and transform their talent for the future.

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Making AI real: From data science to practical business

Infosys conducted a survey of 2,500 AI practitioners to find out why AI fails to deliver on heightened expectations, and recommends three areas for improvement: develop data practices that encourage sharing, bind explanations into advanced AI, and focus AI teams on business.

Headshots of Nik Kraft from Meta, Marika Arvelid from E.ON, Professor Dr. Dries Faems from WHU, Germany, and Rajeshwari Ganesan from Infosys

E.ON, WHU, and Meta discuss the potential of the metaverse for utilities

Nik Kraft from Meta drives the conversation with Marika Arvelid from E.ON, Professor Dr. Dries Faems from WHU, Germany, and Rajeshwari Ganesan from Infosys, on how a cloud environment supports an open and interoperable ecosystem, making the metaverse a reality and enriching real-life experiences.

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A self-driving, sustainable cloud for greener business

Businesses must make their energy-guzzling data centers more sustainable; one intelligent way is advanced AI.

Zero trust closes the end-user gap in cybersecurity

An MIT Technology Review Insights poll of global business leaders reveals three out of four organizations have become more aggressive in their approach to cybersecurity over the past two years—about 40% of poll respondents said their organizations have already adopted a zero-trust model.

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The future of work 2023 report

"Future of Work 2023," a global research report by Infosys, talks about how diversifying talent pools, improving skills development, and using digital tools automation can generate up to $1.4 trillion in revenue and $282 billion in new profit. It highlights how the workplace of the 21st century will see more hybrid working and digital engagement.