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The cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity

As cloud adoption accelerates and begins to touch all aspects of business, companies need to augment their core digital capabilities, advance their operating models, and transform their talent for the future.

Global Cloud Index 2022 global map results

Global Cloud Ecosystem Index 2022

View interactive results of the Global Cloud Ecosystem Index 2022, a ranking of 76 countries and territories according to how well technology, regulations, and talent promote the availability of cloud services.

View the interactive web page here.

Download the report here.

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Embracing culture change on the path to digital transformation

National Australia Bank found that modernizing internal technical skills and mindsets ensured a successful digital transformation and cloud adoption.

Enabling new possibilities for manufacturers by unlocking the value of data from cloud

Experts from John Deere and Toyota Motors North America explain how global manufacturers can harness the power of data and analytics.

Building tomorrow’s telecommunications network today

The current 5G evolution in network connectivity is expected to drive unprecedented demands for bandwidth, reliability, and security. Listen as Raj Savoor, the vice president of network analytics and automation at AT&T Labs, explains AT&T's approach to building the next generation network.

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Estimating impact and defining a future-ready cybersecurity strategy with brand risk calculator

Watch Bill Mew, digital ethics campaigner and CEO of talk to Vishal Salvi, SVP & CISO at Infosys, and Ameya Kapnadak, chief growth officer and head of consulting at Interbrand India, about why brands need to implement a well-defined, evolving cybersecurity strategy to ensure continued brand trust—and how they can quantify the risk.

Building the necessary skills for digital transformation

The skills and capabilities needed to undergo digital transformation are in high demand as every company jockeys to gain a competitive advantage. Listen as Daniela Proust, global vice president and head of global people enablement and growth at Siemens, discusses how the company leverages its learning and development platform to deliver the right training to the right employee at the right time.

The path to cloud transformation

Hear from Infosys president Ravi Kumar and MIT Technology Review CEO Elizabeth Bramson Boudreau about the partnership to create "The cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity" to help executives and decision-makers learn about cloud transformations from global companies.