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The cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity

As cloud adoption accelerates and begins to touch all aspects of business, companies need to augment their core digital capabilities, advance their operating models, and transform their talent for the future.

2023 Global Cloud Ecosystem

Results from our 2023 Global Cloud Ecosystem survey of executives indicate there are two stages of cloud maturity globally: one where firms adopt cloud to achieve essential opex and capex cost reduction, and a second where firms link cloud investments to a positive business value. Respondents indicate the two are converging quickly.

Start with data to build a better supply chain

Successful digital transformation starts with the right team, an agile mentality, and a strong data foundation, says global digital solutions manager of procurement and supply chain at bp, Raimundo Martinez.

Providing the right products at the right time with machine learning

Amid shifting customer needs, CPG enterprises look to machine learning to bolster their data strategy, says global head of MLOps and platforms at Kraft Heinz Company, Jorge Balestra.

Rhode Island: Driving process transformation in public services using blockchain

Watch this webinar on the future of blockchain, covering legal landscapes, use cases, and efficiency drivers. The panel includes Liz Tanner, secretary of commerce for the state of Rhode Island; Charles Okuchu, worldwide GTM lead at AWS; Daniela Barbosa, executive director of Hyperledger; and Sri Challa, global head of Infosys' blockchain practice.