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How do you know what’s coming next, especially with a topic as fast-moving as technology? One way is to focus on the technology itself, as we do every year with our 10 Breakthrough Technologies package. With our 35 Innovators Under 35, we come at the same problem from a different angle: Who are the people driving the next wave of innovation, and what does their work tell us about where technology will go in the near future? One of this year’s most groundbreaking technologies is artificial intelligence. This year we honored Sharon Li as our Innovator of the Year for her pioneering research in the critical field of AI safety. And Andrew Ng, a former honoree,  penned an essay “How to be an innovator” on where he expects AI to advance from here and how today's young innovators can create something lasting and meaningful.

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Andrew Ng: How to be an innovator

Tips for aspiring innovators on trying, failing, and the future of AI.

Innovator of the Year

Sharon Li

Artificial Intelligence

Sharon Li’s research could prevent AI models from failing catastrophically when they encounter unfamiliar scenarios.

Read more

Sharon Yixuan Li

Young Suk Jo

Climate and Energy

Young Suk Jo cofounded Amogy to decarbonize the transportation sector by engineering ways for trucks and ships to run on a common fertilizer ingredient. Read more

Young Suk Jo, CTO, Amogy

Yatish Turakhia


During the pandemic, Yatish Turakhia developed software tools to trace the evolution of new covid variants. Now he’s applying his techniques to other diseases. Read more

Yatish Turakhia

Lerrel Pinto


Lerrel Pinto says the key to building useful home robots is helping them learn from their mistakes. Read more

Lerrel Pinto

Julia Joung


Julia Joung created an “atlas” to help scientists see how specific proteins shape cells into muscle, neurons, and more.  Read more

Julia Joung

Meet this year's 35 Innovators Under 35

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Sept/Oct 2023 cover


Pieter Abbeel
Professor, UC Berkeley; Cofounder, Covariant; Podcast host, The Robot Brains

Aadeel Akhtar
CEO and founder, Psyonics

Animashree Anandkumar
Bren Professor, Caltech; Director of AI Research, Nvidia

Tara Bansal
Investor at Breakthrough Energy Ventures

David Berry
CEO, Valo Health; General Partner, Flagship Pioneering

Ed Boyden
Y. Eva Tan Professor in Neurotechnology, MIT/HHMI

Meredith Broussard
Associate Professor, NYU

Yet-Ming Chiang
Kyocera Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT

Vivian Chu
CTO, Diligent Robotics

James Collins
Termeer Professor, MIT

James Dahlman
Associate Professor, Georgia Tech and Emory School of Medicine

Shreya Dave
CEO, Via Separations

Cesar de la Fuente
Presidential Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Oren Etzioni
CEO, Allen Institute for AI; Professor Emeritus, Computer Science, University of Washington

David Fattal
Founder + CEO, Leia Inc.

Jane Flegal
Market Development & Policy Lead, Stripe Climate & Frontier

Javier Garcia Martinez
Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Alicante, Spain; President, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

Marzyeh Ghassemi
Assistant Professor, MIT EECS/IMES

Julia R. Greer
Mettler Professor of Materials, Mechanics, and Medical Engineering, Caltech

Zhen Gu
Qiushi Distinguished Chair, Professor, and Dean of School of Pharmacy, Zhejiang University

Grace Gu
Assistant professor, University of Berkeley, California

Guosong Hong
Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Marc Lajoie
CEO, Outpace Bio

Hao Li
CEO and Cofounder, Pinscreen; Distinguished Fellow, UC Berkeley

Zlatko Minev
Quantum Physicist, IBM Quantum; Founder, Open Labs

Margaret Mitchell
Chief ethics scientist, Hugging Face

Emma Pierson
Assistant professor of computer science, Cornell Tech

Mariana Popescu
Assistant Professor, TU Delft

John Rogers
Simpson/Querrey Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Neurological Surgery, Northwestern University

Mona Sloane
Sociologist, New York University, University of Tübingen

Fyodor Urnov
Professor of Molecular Therapeutics, UC Berkeley

Venkat Veswanathan
Associate professor, Carnegie Mellon University; cofounder, Aionics Inc.

Cyrus Wadia
Head of WW Product Sustainability, Amazon

Jackie Y. Ying
Director, NanoBio Lab; A*STAR Senior Fellow

Ben Zhao
Neubauer Professor of Computer Science, University of Chicago


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