Humanity is pushing further outside of our atmosphere. We take a look at the space tech coming out of places like NASA, SpaceX, and Blue Origin that is powering the space exploration of tomorrow.


Astronomers have discovered the largest black hole ever observed

The monstrous object should be big enough for ground-based radio telescopes to image.

Composite image of the galaxy cluster Abell 85.

What a lack of unexplained gory deaths tells us about dark matter

A dark-matter particle of a certain size range would cause an injury like an exotic gunshot wound if it hit a human being. Fortunately, that’s apparently not the size these particles come in.

An image of faint galaxies

A new thrust technology for nanosatellites could make them more efficient

Chemical rockets aren’t suitable for the new breed of tiny satellites filling our skies. So rocket scientists are developing a new generation of lighter, more efficient plasma thrusters.

An image of a rocket taking off

We might grow plants on Mars by warming the ice caps with “frozen smoke”

Using silica aerogel to trap heat and create liquid water sounds far-fetched, but it could one day be used to help us grow food on the planet’s surface.

A photo of the mars surface
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