Intelligent Machines

Robots to the Rescue, Slowly

Scenes from the DARPA Robotics Challenge in Florida.

Dec 21, 2013
MIT’s Atlas robot attempts to pass through the second of three different doors during one challenge.
RoboSimian, a robot developed by a team at NASA JPL.
Schaft’s humanoid robot removes debris.
The Atlas robot belonging to IHMC safely strides over a pile of rubble.
The MIT team controls its Atlas robot remotely.
An Atlas tries to drill through a wall.
NASA’s Valkyrie approaches a hose.
CMU’s Tartan Rescue team waits with its robot, CHIMP.
Schaft’s robot sits in the driving seat of a vehicle.
The Schaft robot successfully navigates the driving test.
MIT’s robot grasps a firehose.
Robosimian attempts to move several pieces of rubble.
Assorted robots at an expo held during the DARPA Robotics Challenge.