Rewriting Life

Visiting Wisconsin to See My Heart

David traveled to the headquarters of CDI in Madison to view his stem cells and his beating heart cells–and to meet the lab team who made and tested them.

Aug 23, 2011
These are vials of David Ewing Duncan’s blood freshly drawn in San Francisco, about to be shipped to CDI in Wisconsin.
David Ewing Duncan’s line of induced pluripotent stem cells are seen in a photo sent to him by e-mail shortly after the cells were created.
CDI performed various stress tests to make sure that David Ewing Duncan’s iPS-generated heart cells were healthy—and were actual heart cells.
This monitor is showing an action potential—the “beat”—of the author’s iPS-generated heart cells.
A CDI technician holds petri dishes containing the author’s iPS cells, marked “DED” for David Ewing Duncan.
Reporter David Ewing Duncan standing with stem-cell pioneer James Thomson of the University of Wisconsin,  a cofounder of CDI. David is holding up a vial containing his iPS cells.
More experiments being run on David Ewing Duncan’s iPS-generated heart cells.