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George Heller’s Photo Gallery

Jun 22, 2010
George Heller, (far left) simultaneously translating at a Displaced Persons camp in Linz,
Austria, in 1946.
Heller, upon graduation from Temple University in 1951.
Heller on the cover of Computers and Automation, October 1965.
The Strudel Makers’ Undebugged Flowchart that Heller made for one of his countless strudel parties. (See his story about strudel making at )
Heller makes strudel with granddaughter Becca Heller.
The start of Heller’s large scale program in the Washington, DC area that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on in 1962 as “Breakthrough in High School Computer Education.”
AEDS cover October 1969 includes an article by Heller’s SKETCH student Ann W. Gifford, a ninth grader at Wappingers Falls, NY. Gifford and Heller are on the photo
George Heller reaches the top of the climbing wall in celebration of his 86th birthday.
Heller the optimist, spring 2010. (See his message about hatred and coping with adversity at
Hatred…A Brief Response by George Heller