A Day In the Life ...

24 hours at the Institute

Slideshow: On Thursday, September 24, 2009, MIT photographers set out to capture images of the campus on a typical day. Here’s a sampling of what they saw. All photos from the project, which was organized by David Templeton ’08 and sponsored by MIT’s yearbook Technique, are posted on the “A Day in the Life” website.

00:32 Students practice glow poi, spinning weighted LED lights on ropes, in the East Campus courtyard after dark.
Slideshow: 01:36 Notes in a German phrase book.
Slideshow: 02:24 Molly Kozminsky ’12 forgoes sleep in favor of late-night work on 10.10, Introduction to Chemical Engineering.
Slideshow: 03:28 Technique’s darkroom glows under a safelight in this very long exposure.
Slideshow: 04:50 Nate Fox ’12 and Jean Martin ’12 work on their Course II problem sets late at night in the Chi Phi library.
Slideshow: 05:59 LaVerde’s Market, early morning.
Slideshow: 06:18 Police officers mingle in the predawn light.
Slideshow: 07:43 Morning commute: the #71 bus, Watertown to Harvard Square.
Slideshow: 08:20 Students in the Pilates-Yoga PE class execute the extended side-angle stance.
Slideshow: 09:30 Iman Fayyad ’12 prepares for her project final in 4.111, Experiencing Architecture Studio.
Slideshow: 10:33 A scene captured at 16:33 Copenhagen time during the European Urban Design Theory class’s bike tour of that city.
Slideshow: 11:02 Getting ready for another day of cancer research in the Bhatia Lab.
Slideshow: 12:18 A TA stays after a lecture in 32-123 to help a student with her questions about circuits.
Slideshow: 13:12 A biker zooms past the Wiesner Building on his way to class.
Slideshow: 14:39 The tapeball, a collection of tape used to label everything from buffers to experimental samples since 2004.
Slideshow: 15:35 Sunlight seeps into Lobby 7.
Slideshow: 16:40 Debugging a circuit in 6.101: “Analog Death Lab.”
Slideshow: 17:20 A student works in the solitude of the Hayden stacks.
Slideshow: 18:04 The Walcott lounge, often a place for music, conversation, homework, and studying, is a site of relaxation for Lily Berger ’11 and Scott Johnston ’13.
Slideshow: 19:39 An EMT trainer watches a student practice CPR on a
mannequin in the basement of MIT Medical.
Slideshow: 20:22 John Hawkinson ’98 in the Student Information Processing Board office repairs the motherboard of a broken iMac.
Slideshow: 21:03 Waiting on the stage in Big Kresge for a MITSO rehearsal to resume after a break.
Slideshow: 22:06 The Museum of Fine Arts on College Night.
Slideshow: 23:02 Walking back from Dewey Library through a deserted Kendall Square.

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