The Droid's Features

Motorola’s new Android-based smart phone is a viable iPhone alternative.

Nov 4, 2009
The Droid’s Application Tab shows icons, in alphabetical order, for every app and widget installed on the phone.
The status bar always appears across the top of the Droid screen (except when videos are playing or the camera is active). It provides continual notice of new voice mails, e-mails and text messages, as well as information about remaining battery life and available connectivity.
The Droid’s context-specific menu (bottom) is always available by pressing the second soft key from the left.
Touching the status bar and dragging it down opens a window that shows waiting voice mails, e-mails, and text messages, as well as information about available wireless networks.
Google Navigation Beta, preinstalled on the Droid, uses the phone’s GPS sensor to provide turn-by-turn directions, both onscreen and out loud.