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MIT’s science fiction treasure trove.

MIT Science Fiction Society members, circa 1960

Isaac Asmiov, an honorary member of the MIT Science Fiction Society, chats with society members after giving one of several talks at MIT. Although this photograph is undated, the minutes of the society’s first official meeting, held in March 1951, note that “Isaac Asimov (with an “s”) lectured to the Society on ‘Robotics,’ a very broad subject. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed Asimov’s humorous anecdotes.”

Members of the MIT Science Fiction Society, circa 1960. Front row, from left: Deanne Gross Dickinson Pecora ‘63, Sandra Lensch Cunningham ’63, Christina Huk Jansen ’63, SM ’66, PhD ’71. Back row, from left: Steven Whealton, Kevin Dwyer ‘63, Jon Ravin ’64, SM ’66, L. Court Skinner III ’62, SM ’64, PhD ’65, Norm Humer ’62, Doug Hoylman ’64, James Suhrer Dorr ‘64, unidentified. (Please submit updates for this caption to mitnews@technologyreview.com.)

Deanne Gross Dickinson Pecora ‘63, Steven Whealton, and Norm Humer ’62 at the check-out desk in the MITSFS library, 1960.

M. J. Ward ’66, SM ’68, (front and center) and Henryk Baran ’67 (standing, left) with other unidentified students in the MITSFS library during the 1965-66 academic year.

M. J. Ward and Baran, 1965-66.

Baran with an unidentified MITSFS member, 1965-66.

A reader in the MIT Science Fiction Society library, June 1971.

In the MIT Science Fiction Society library, spring 1971. Seated around table, from left: Marc Alpert ’71, Lora Haines ’73, Seth Briedhart, Mike Timmreck ’74, Mark Swanson ‘71, Greg Ruffa ’74. Back row, from left: Bill Gardner ’74, Tony Lewis ’61, Dave Brenner ’75, Sheldon Price ’72.

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