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EmTech08 Coverage Continued

The Web is bursting with news on conference events.

Sep 25, 2008

More news from Wednesday’s, September 24, events at Technology Review’s Emerging Technologies Conference:

As Facebook Redefines the Social Web, Platform Manager Dave Morin Talks About the Coolest Facebook Apps From Boston and Seattle
By Wade Roush

EmTech inanity
By Dan Lynos
Blog: The Real Dan

Facebook’s Future is as a Search Engine
By Josh Catone

Google Android’s enterprise promise and more from MIT’s EmTech conference
By Alpha Doggs (Bob Brown, Linda Leung, and Neal Weinberg)
Network World

Mobile hardware outpaces software, user capabilities
By Lucas Mearian
Computer World

Adobe AIR Looks Beyond Competition from Microsoft Silverlight and Google Chrome
Adobe Talks Open Source, Innovation and the Future of Flash
How Many Cloud Computing Platforms Can we Handle?
By Darryl K. Taft

Tesla CTO talks Bluestar, the affordable electric auto
By Tim Stevens

VMware co-founder discusses enterprise skepticism about cloud computing
By Alex Barrett

nTAG: Solving a problem that doesn’t exist
By Chris Pearson
Blog: Strategy Is Everywhere

Top innovator got start in kindergarten
By Matt Walcoff

Are Men or Women Better Networkers? and The Two Types of People at EmTech 08
By Rick Borovoy
Blog: Meetings 2.0

Skepticism for the MIT crowd
By Stephen Baker
The Nume3rati

A New Works Progress Administration of Entrepreneurs
By Halley Suitt
Blog: Halley’s Comment