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MIT Technology Review Unveils Rebranded Magazine and New Mission Statement

CAMBRIDGE, MA – June 27, 2018: MIT Technology Review today unveiled the redesign of its magazine along with a new mission to bring about better-informed and more conscious decisions about technology through authoritative, influential and trustworthy journalism. The new MIT Technology Review brand and mission further the outlet’s commitment to responsible journalism.

Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, CEO and publisher of MIT Technology Review, said: “Now more than ever, there’s an important role for technology media to play in the public conversation about how technology is reshaping society, economics, politics, and daily life. The rebrand, redesign, and updated mission of MIT Technology Review will retain and build on our leadership in reporting on these important stories. Our goal is to see technologies develop along paths that make life better for everyone, not just the lucky few.”

In print, each issue will be formatted more like a book, examining a single technology or theme from a wide range of angles, exploring some of the deeper questions about how technology affects our world and how decisions about it are made. Online, readers can enjoy the same wide range of emerging technology stories they have come to expect, from short news items to in-depth reports, as well as coverage in new beats like cyborgs and the future of computing.

Gideon Lichfield, editor-in-chief of MIT Technology Review, said: “With this rebrand, MIT Technology Review is changing the notion of what a print magazine is. Since people use print and digital media differently, they should serve different purposes. Our first issue following this change is all about the economy - what the confluence of AI, big data and powerful tech firms means for the future of how we work and where prosperity will come from.”

MIT Technology Review partnered with leading design firm Pentagram for the rebrand. The team began by considering the graphic history of MIT and MIT Technology Review, taking the best ideas from the past and updating them for the modern media environment. This rebrand honors MIT Technology Review’s heritage while reasserting the magazine’s innovative approach.

Michael Bierut, Partner at Pentagram, said: “Readers will see the most notable changes are in MIT Technology Review’s approach to photography, illustration, and data visualizations. Here, the approach to imagery - vivid, dramatic, and in some cases startling - is intended to reflect and reinforce the magazine’s role in probing the furthest reaches of technological innovation. Working with the talented MIT Technology Review design team, we’ve created a visual platform that we believe will become analogous to where the world is going - how, now, and next.”

The redesign expands beyond just print issues - MIT Technology Review has invested in reporting to cover more technologies from a global angle; rolled out email newsletters to keep readers up-to-date on AI and robotics, blockchain, and the future of work; and expanded its live events series. Readers will also begin seeing changes on the website that will make following coverage easier and more intuitive.

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