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MIT Technology Review announces the launch of MIT Technology Review Japan

Kadokawa Corporation and its virtual company ASCII Media Works will launch the Japanese edition of MIT Technology Review ( on October 1, 2016, with editor in chief Kappei Nakano at the helm.

MIT Technology Review Japan will officially launch with an event that same day: “The Future of Cutting-Edge Technology and Business,” a discussion featuring editor in chief Kappei Nakano and prominent young leaders in the world of technology. The launch event will be broadcast via livestream on Niconico Live.

MIT Technology Review Japan’s mission is to provide the most up-to-date global information regarding technology that solves global problems to Japan’s business leaders, thought leaders, and early adopters. It will form a community of business leaders and innovative startups that will invigorate Japan’s technology community and offer the seeds of society-based solutions grounded in promising Japanese research. Another priority of the organization is to disseminate information to the world about emerging Japanese technology.

For a limited time, MIT Technology Review Japan is offering a free four-week subscription. For details, visit Paid subscription plans range from ¥1,480 for the Economy Plan to ¥1,980 for the Business Plan.

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